2017-03-29 11:11 am


the JLPT is being held in stockholm on july 2nd, i'm signing up for N2

you only have to pass 1/3rd in each section and i passed 2/3rds on the very quick sample N3 one, so since there's 3 more months until the test i'm certain i'll be able to pass N2. i hate these kinds of tests but i really need to get a job in japan, so i hope passing this will help me...

no special study plan, i'm just going to continue what i've already been doing, but try to do it faster.
2017-03-27 05:47 am
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Högskolan Dalarna Exchange Process

Here's more detailed info for being an exchange student from Högskolan Dalarna to somewhere else:

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2017-03-23 05:10 pm
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about me

about me, study methods etc:
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