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this morning i got an email with the list of stuff i need for the visa, and a course list:

1. Application form (attached in the Email)
2. Certificate of health (attached; form for some doctor to fill out)
3. Pledge (attached; "I won't break school rules")
4. Academic Transcript
5. Bank account Certificate of Balance
6. A photocopy of Passport
7. Three photographs (3 × 4 cm)

the course list has absolutely no explanation of what's taught in which course so i have no idea what level i'm at. searching for a course on their website bought up an up-to-date PDF for this year (2017) with a TINY explanation, which also had a link to a different page for incoming exchange students that i hadn't found before that had the class list as well; no idea why they didn't email this to us.


PDF: (english is below the japanese)

still doesn't explain what level i'm at; i've taken 3 semesters of japanese and by next month i'll be at N2 on the JLPT; with plans to be at N1 before the exchange. so i googled:

N1 – around 900 hours of study
N2 – around 600 hours of study
N4 – around 300 hours of study
N5 – around 150 hours of study

the problem is, miyagi's courses jump from "over 300" hours to "over 900" hours. no 600?? i'll take the safe route and sign up for the later "middle" courses and hope that i can switch to the advanced ones if it turns out i'm too advanced. also i don't know if they're going to make us do a ton of handwriting, if so i'm going to be really behind everyone else...



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