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Mar. 23rd, 2017 05:10 pm
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about me, study methods etc:

— 25, married, almost blind (i wear sunglasses and walk with a white cane), unemployed forever
— study japanese in sweden, at Högskolan Dalarna
— "american" native speaker; also learned a good amount of swedish, icelandic/faroese, esperanto, japanese, chinook jargon; glanced at greenlandic, indonesian & some others but don't really know anything
— lived in: USA 18 years; iceland 2 years; sweden 5 years
— no processed foods (white flour, table sugar, artificial colourings etc) - if i eat them i get really sick for days AND can't sleep
— dream job is to write textbooks and make videogames etc for minority languages, or to translate manga from japanese to esperanto, but actually i'm desperate for work and'll take any job i can do.

hobbies: anime/manga/fanfic (psychological, BL, 90's series), learning languages.

i'm going to japan (sendai, miyagi university of education) after 3 semesters of japanese study. using a student loan. i've never been to japan before since i've never had the money (no one's ever hired me) but i've wanted to live in japan and learn japanese since i was 7-8 years old. for various reasons it didn't happen until now.

past study methods:
— learn esperanto; directly translate japanese sentences using esperanto grammar
— memorize words with esperanto definitions via memrise
— follow the textbook (mostly)
— study kanji individually; replace words with kanji to learn kanji meanings

outside of class i've never used practice materials for "learners". i learned hiragana and katakana by looking them up in doujinshi, stuff like that. when i got to the point where i could "read" manga, i never stuck to manga that had furigana, i just picked whatever i actually wanted to read.

current study methods:
— 3 hours of (japanese) radio a day
— 3 hours of manga a day (if furigana, then reading aloud)
— 10+ min of TV a day (cover up the subs with a piece of paper when watching anime, etc)
— memorize words with japanese or esperanto definitions
— writing in japanese every day to esperanto-japanese friends on twitter
— trying out etc tons of japanese apps & games

ideally i "memorize" 50-100 words (kanji + hiragana) a day, but it doesn't always happen of course. i basically never do handwriting practice because i never handwrite in ANY language. and my only speaking practice (aside from reading aloud manga with furigana) comes from class.

future study methods:
— starting summer, pure and total immersion as far as possible. i'll still look up/memorize the occasional word though.
— listen to tons of drama CDs, watch "live filmed" stuff

textbooks i've "finished" (= memorized the words from but that doesn't mean i "know" everything):

— 1st semester (spring): Genki 1
— 2nd semester (autumn): Genki 2
— winter break (december-january): Tobira

in progress:
— 3rd semester (spring): Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar
— summer break: Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar
— 4th semester (arrival in japan, autumn): ????

how do i study if i'm almost blind?:
— when possible i read from scanned textbooks so i can zoom in
— smartphone camera app ("SuperVision") for when reading physical textbooks
— magnifying "sheets" for my smartphone, 3DS, books
— inverted colors on phone
— 800x900 computer resolution
— firefox addons to make things have black backgrounds with white text, bigger fonts etc
— custom CSS styles for any sites the addons don't work on or that i want to remove clutter on
— i study ahead as far as possible in part because i read (comfortably) probably 3x slower than normal people

japanese goal?:
— become fluent
— get a full-time job in japan
— live there for years



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